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CT1 Clicker Training Horses Foundation/Basic Ground – This class is a good Clicker Training Program for the beginner to the advanced student.  You will be learning a clear program of using Clicker Training  and Natural Horsemanship to better your relationship.  There is no other program out there quite like this.    This course will bring you and your horse to a better understanding of each other. If you have a young colt, one of the wild ones, or just want to retrain Old Faithful, this class is for you. Join me in this new journey of discovery, and you too can enjoy the fun and excitement of Clicker Training.

Clicker Training Terms, Natural Horsemanship, Understanding Horses
Walking on a Trail Bridge – Liberty Work
Disengagement of Hindquarters
Head down – Stand still

Ground working class for all levels. This course is a 6 week course