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Riding should be fun for you and your horse. How we present ourselves to our horse is what makes the relationship. Unclear training methods breaks the bond in the relationship, then the horse stops trying. Have you ever heard the saying “My horse wants to do the opposite of what I want.” Most horses go through a state of confusion about training. They would like to do the right thing, but they can’t because the training is unclear. We resort to a bigger bit and artificial aids to solve the problem. In reality, maybe your horse didn’t understand what you wanted in the first place, they might not be good at it, or they might just be struggling with a physical ability. Most horses will do what is asked of them, if they understand what you want.  Clicker Training can explain to your horse exactly what you would like them to do in a clear unmistakable manner. It is fun and interesting for you and your horse.

What is Clicker Training?

Clicker Training is what we call a marker signal. The signal tells the horse what they did right. You can use words or a specific noise to tell the horse what they did right, anything that is different and unusual. Clickers come in handy since they have an unusual sound. The sound won’t mean anything unless the horse recognizes it as something good. We usually give them some food so that they can relate back to the sound and what they were doing at the time the sound went off. You can teach a horse amazing things in a very short amount of time. Since it usually is the horses idea and we mark it with the sound, then offer them some food so they will start to recognize what they were doing at the time the sound went off. When the horse recognizes that the sound tells them what to do that is when we start Clicker Training? You can think of it as “hot and cold” method of learning. This is a very powerful tool for trainers and more is being learned about it everyday.

New research has just came out presented at the 34th annual Equine Research Day held in Paris, France on Feb. 28th 2008. Yearlings that received grain pellets as compensation for appropriate reactions to vocal command where up to 40% faster to acquire new skills than a control group of yearlings that received no rewards. See the Article – Study Correlates Food Rewards with Positive Responses during Training

Clicker Trainers have known this for years. That is why Clicker Training continues to grow.

I have been starting colts with Clicker Training for over 10 years and have had nothing but the best results. Clicker Training is for people that are interested in not using physical force to get a horse to do something in the learning process. It is a very gentle way to work with a horse. It has in the past primarily been used for abused horses, but now we are learning more and use it for everyday training.

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